Literary & Science Events

Bring in your best work and win accolades

Project/ Model Exhibition

Students can discuss their work with judges, teachers and students from other schools, with parents and with other interested people. By participating in the exhibition students will increase their awareness of the wonders of science, add to their knowledge and broaden their scientific horizons.

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Quizzard- Be the wizard!

Students can compete with the sharpest and fastest minds with a passion. Only lightning fast responses and out of the box thinking can sail them through the tough competition. Three member teams are invited from all institutions. After preliminary round, four teams will be shortlisted. The finalists combat in the grand finale- General Knowledge, Language Skills and Logcial reasoning arenas.

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Curate and Orate- Debate, Extempore and Poem Recitation

Students will have chance to showcase their oratory skills by participating in Extempore competition, Debate Competition or Poem Recitation. Topic will be announced 24 hours before the event and will be displayed on the website. Participants may also call to ask the topic. Winners will be awarded prizes

Topic for Debate and Poem Recitation

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Debate     Extempore    Poem Recitation

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