voices of experience

Following are the views shared by the students pursuing part-time jobs at LPU

MCA- M.Tech (CSE)
Class of 2012
"It has been a great pleasure and exposure to deal with outside world and as well as with the members you are working with. It has been great pleasure to work here and I will motivate and encourage others as well. The working environment is highly hygienic. It is a great experience to work for LPU"

Shivani Vijan
Class of 2015

“I joined this part time job at LPU to enhance my professional skills and to get work experience. In addition, the job was a respectful job with discipline, safety and security as its core values. The main motto of the university is – Be Professional. So, with this job I have become professional. Special thanks to our HOD for his immense support to his staff. I worked here with full joy and learning.

I really feel proud to work here.”

Varun Sandiya
MCA- M.Tech (CSE)
Class of 2012

“This part-time job opportunity gave exposure to my personality. The environment is very professional and excellent. I am proud to be here as a student counselor. As I have worked with many of my teachers I have got to learn a lot from them. I want to thank the University for given me this opportunity. Also, after completing my education.

I wish to take up a job at LPU.”

MCA- M.Tech
Class of 2012

“LPU is the most renowned Institute in Punjab. I wanted to be a part of this University so that I could work here and gain knowledge and experience. It was a great experience working here and communicating with students of diverse culture and region. I want to share this beautiful experience with my friends and other students. This part-time job has made me learn how to deal and handle different situations. I am more expressive and confident now.”

Mansvi Pal
Class of 2011

“I gained a lot of exposure during my part-time job at LPU as a student counsellor. This job has helped in improving my communication skills.

This part time job opportunity has given us the opportunity to interact with faculty members who treated us as friends and mentors and guided us very well all through our work.”

MCA- M.Tech
Class of 2012

“By doing this job, my interpersonal and communication skills got improved. Also my confidence level has increased a lot. This job has provided me an opportunity to learn from my teachers and peers as well as helped me to utilize my free time in the most effective manner. Also through this job I got an opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

Class of 2012

“I got to know the work culture of the University and earned by using my skills. The University provided an opportunity to use the free time to get a good job experience. Now I am more professional and responsible towards any work given to me. Since I was in telephonic department, my communication skills have improved a lot. Faculty and staff were very supportive and helped me a lot to understand the work culture and guided me if I faced any problem anywhere in the job.”

Class of 2015

“I would encourage other students to join the part time jobs in university as I had great learning and fun while working with teachers and fellow mates, having great experience at the same time. This opportunity has increased my communication skills and gave me experience to work professionally. It was a very healthy environment, though sometimes the schedule got hectic but dealing with different people and different situations helped to learn a lot. Working with teachers as colleagues resulted in an experience working as a team.”