(For M Pharmacy Batch 2016 and B. Pharmacy)
AUTUMN TERM (Term I) Day Date  
Start of session for Freshmen- Induction and start of classes Tuesday- Monday Jul 26- Aug 01, 2016  
Commencement of classes for continuing students of B. Pharmacy Friday Jul 29, 2016  
Registration for backlog courses Friday- Friday Aug 12-19, 2016  
Last date of applying for Reappear Examination for immediate previous even term courses* Monday Aug 22, 2016  
Announcement of Reappear Examination schedule for immediate previous even term courses Monday Aug 29, 2016  
Mid Term Test I (MTT-I) Thursday- Wednesday Sep 29- Oct 05, 2016  
Mid Term Lab Examination I (Regular teaching will go on) Thursday- Thursday Oct 06- 13, 2016  
Term Break for Students Saturday- Monday Oct 29-31, 2016  
Mid Term Test II (MTT-II) Theory and Practical Examination Tuesday- Monday Nov 01-07, 2016  
Completion of Advance Registration for Elective Courses (Dept. Electives, Spl. Electives, OE & SE) for Spring Term (Term II) of Session 2016-17 Tuesday Nov 15, 2016  
Close of Autumn Term (2016-17) Tuesday Dec 06, 2016  
End Term Practical Examination Wednesday- Tuesday Dec 07-13, 2016  
Preparatory Leave for ETE Wednesday Dec 14, 2016  
End Term Examination** (ETE) including Theory and Capstone Evaluation Thursday- Tuesday Dec 15-27, 2016  
Winter vacation for Students Wednesday- Saturday Dec 28, 2016- Jan 07, 2017  
Scrutiny of answer books (Term I 2016-17) by students Monday- Tuesday Jan 09-10, 2017  
Commencement of Classes of Term II of Session 2016-17 Wednesday Jan 11, 2017  

*Immediate previous even term courses would mean:

For a 2010 batch student (who took admission in 2010) it would mean courses of term 12
For a 2011 batch student it would mean courses of term 10
For a 2012 batch student it would mean courses of term 8
For a 2013 batch student it would mean courses of term 6
For a 2014 batch student it would mean courses of term 4
For a 2015 batch student it would mean courses of term 2

For annual programmes of M. Pharmacy (Batch 2015)

Start of Dissertation courses Tuesday Aug 09, 2016
End of Dissertation courses Saturday Apr 29, 2017
End Term Examination Thursday- Saturday May 18 -27, 2017
**The End Term Examination of courses like Dissertation & Projects will be scheduled as per the Guidelines released for Capstone, Dissertation and similar courses issued from time to time by the University.

Some important points:

  • The dates mentioned in the calendar, especially with regard to end of Mid Term and End Term Examinations, are tentative and a variation may occur. Students are advised to plan for travel keeping into consideration an extension of at least 3 days.
  • Due to any unforeseen reason, if the University remains closed, then the University may declare any Sunday as working.
  • Any examination may be held on Sunday.
  • If a student is not present on the date of scrutiny he/she will lose the opportunity to look at his/her answer books, however such students can apply for revaluation.
  • There will be no scrutiny of reappear examination answer books; however such students can apply for revaluation.
  • The schedule of Sports/ co-curricular/ cultural events will be notified separately by the concerned Division/ School.

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