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Lovely Professional University is India’s Largest University* acclaimed for academic excellence, range of programme offerings, iinspiring the quality and breadth of its academic programmes, research initiatives, creative work, world class pedagogy, international standards, creating avenues for students to display their creativity, honing leadership skills, providing a range of career choices, nurturing faculty and providing support needed in achieving career goals

Academics Disciplines

LPU has consolidated its different academic Disciplines into four Faculties which are further subdivided into schools to generate the spirit of competition.


The curriculum of the University promises imbibing in students the core knowledge of the course with sufficient practical aspect attached
to it.

LPU Teachers

As an exceptional university, LPU's academic environment is shaped by its teachers, whose dedicated focus on teaching challenges inspires the students.

Teaching Practices

The teaching methods followed by the University are very innovative including maximum practical exposure and are dynamic enough to motivate the students.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a core component to intellectual life at LPU, giving students hands-on learning opportunities adding to dynamic educational experience.

System of Evaluation

LPU believes in assessing/evaluating the students not only at the time of examinations but throughout the term. The University evaluates the students' performance on different parameters.