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Princess of Bhutan inaugurated LPU International Students’ debut Painting Exhibition- ‘Warriors’

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25 May 2017

·  LPUInternational Students had organized 15-Day Exhibition in Bhutan

·  Celebratingthe true strength of human spirit, the exhibits were a collection of humanwarrior-ship portraits, relevant in all times and cultures

·   Displayhad 47 pieces of portrait-paintings created by twin-brothers, commonly known as“TWINZ”, during their Fine Arts Program at LPU

·   Exhibitionwas held in one of the oldest art galleries in Bhutan- ‘Voluntary Artists’Studio (VAST)

Jalandhar: Two of the international students,Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup, of Fine Arts at Lovely Professional University(LPU) organized their debut painting exhibition ‘Warriors’ at one of the oldestart galleries ‘Voluntary Artists’ Studio (VAST)’  in Bhutan. It was agreat honour for LPU students as Her Royal Highness Princess Ashi Kesang ChodenWangchuck of Bhutan inaugurated the Exhibition. Celebrating the true strength ofhuman spirit, the displayed 47 exhibits were a collection of portraits of humanwarrior-ship, relevant in all times and cultures. These portrait-paintings inacrylic and oil are created by twin-brothers (Tashi & Ugyen), popularlyknown as “TWINZ”, during their Fine Arts programme at LPU.

Divided in different segments, theexhibition displayed portrait-faces with traditional Bhutanese warrior withtypical helmets. Some of the portrait-faces looked familiar, as if from thekingdom’s history of ancient warlords and mountain warriors, and some other asforeign. Delicate yet strangely powerful faces of women were also displayed.Tashi & Ugyen have also individualized their captivating and amazingportraits by attributing related and expressive titles to their creationsincluding "My time will come"; "I did my Time"; “TheRighteous Stare”; “Beyond Chaotic Perception”; “Layered Thoughts”; “Days ofGlory”; “Love Me When You are Sober”; “Elusive Conversation”; “In and Out ofBeautiful Heart”; “My Time on Earth”; and many other. Worth applauding thing isthat these titles are brilliantly and suggestively in consonance with theexpressions and hues of the creations.

 Thanking the department ofFine Arts at LPU for inculcating in them great artistry, Twinz inform: “Thehelmets in the paintings are symbols of bravery and strength and the charactersare a combination of fictional as well as real people.” They also admit: “Sinceboth of us think alike, it’s easier to work on the same piece. We conceptualizethe idea consciously and as soon as one of us starts painting, the other knowswell how to finish the piece.” They also added: “Presently, we are thrilled ongetting appreciation from far and wide, as we really toiled much to getportraits as we wanted. For this, sometimes we worked hours together forgettingall about our meals and rest hours. We are time and again thankful to LPUfaculty members who always guided us how to create connoisseur art-forms.”

Appreciating the efforts ofstudents, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal says: “I am extremely happy to notethat creative LPU students put in practice what they learn in their classes.Presenting themselves as professional artists, these twin students have alsodisplayed their own area of expertise under unique styles. I remember prior tothis they also created huge mural painting (on the ceiling of fine artsdepartment) under the guidance of their teachers which earned them muchapplauds.” Mr Mittal added: “Looking at the wondrous creativity in students’works, we also guide & help them to exhibit their creations in top citiesand even other countries.” In fact, LPU department of Fine Arts keep onorganizing annual art exhibitions to showcase students’ artworks created indifferent genre. After display at department’s gallery & studios, the muchappreciated artistic creations are also displayed at different levels.

One of the visitors to theexhibition from Dubai, Tina Ahmed has expressed high about Twinz’s artisticpower: “‘Warriors’ is a visually striking collection of work. It is no singularvision; rather it is a collaboration of four hands and two souls painting on asingle canvas, in perfect unison. Amazingly each painting was worked on by boththe artists together.” In fact, the careful lines and felt expression made onlookerswonder about pains taken while creating exact emotions on the canvas. Artistsseem to be influenced by different great artists, times and cultures. Founderof VAST, Azha Karma holds that “both brother-artists are an excellent blend ofcontemporary, realistic and honest expression of their own unique sense, yetvery Bhutanese.”