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Governor of Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated International Symposium on Herbal Sweetener ‘Stevia’ at LPU

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21 Apr 2016

  • One-day organization brought scores of  industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform 
  • Discussions held on importance & benefits of ‘Stevia’ for health, its farming, product development and international trade
  • Symposium strengthened India to protect and boost its traditional home remedies through ancient Ayurveda treatments & guidelines
His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa inaugurated international symposium on herbal sweetener ‘Stevia’ at Lovely Professional University today. LPU School of Biotechnology & Bio-Sciences had organized the symposium in collaboration with Green Valley Stevia (GVS) Bio-Tech. It brought hundreds of leading industry, researchers, academicians, NGOs, farmers and entrepreneurs on a common platform. Scores of international delegates from different countries including the USA, Canada, Malaysia and more participated. Important discussions were held on various beneficial topics of ‘Stevia’- for health, its farming, product development, international trade and more.

Various speakers informed that the leaves of Stevia – a herb from the Chyrsanthemum family – are intensely sweet. In sweetness, its growth of one acre is equal to the growth of sugarcanes in 36 acres. In spite of being 300-450 times sweeter than sugar, its extract is considered to be having zero percent sugar level.  Moreover, it needs less water than sugarcanes need for growth. Stevia helps in controlling blood glucose levels by using it as a natural sweetener. Everyone should be well aware of many health benefits of Stevia. In addition to controlling diabetes, this natural herb aids in weight loss, controls high blood pressure, kidney failures, heart attacks, reduces wrinkles and more health problems.
Addressing the delegates, students and faculty members, Hon’ble Governor Rajkhowa shared that diabetes is a great problem in India. He encouraged implementation of ancient Indian tradition not only in the country but on international level also to control the deadly disease. He said that different recommendations made at the symposium should be implemented for the general benefit of all. He also desired that certification procedures for the growth of Stevia, from the internal agencies, should be liberalized so that it may be promoted among unemployed ones and poor farmers.

Welcoming all, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal referred diabetes as the mother of all other fatal diseases including kidney failures, heart attacks, hypertension, blood pressure and more. He stressed on the growth of Stevia which is natural sweetener and a great sugar substitute. Mr Mittal informed: “We are happy to contribute to this great cause. At LPU, we have good combination of biotechnologists, pharmacists and agriculturists. Coming together we will certainly seek out solutions to the problems of the society. We always want that industry and universities should work together so that students may be well prepared for industry during their studies only.”

Director GVS Dr RPS Gandhi touched the topic ‘Stevia – A miracle plant- its benefits to farmers, consumers, environment and mankind’. He informed: “This symposium has proved itself as a historical day in the journey of Stevia awareness in India. Our motto here is to see wealthy farmer and healthy society, as the Stevia yield provides many a times more income than any other produce. In addition, it is highly beneficial in checking the many deadly diseases.”

Similarly, Chairman- Rural Outreach (P) Ltd. Dr MJ Khan appreciated the role of LPU in promotional endeavours of Stevia, and stressed that the farmers of Punjab should come forward to double their income through such valuable production. He also assured all that the deliberations and recommendations made at the symposium will be taken before the central consultation committee by the end of this very month. Also Sridhar Mosur CEO of Pixel Health Incorporation from Canada shared his views on Stevia expectations of industries in Food and Pharma.

Some of the other important topics covered in relation to Stevia are: Its origin with reference to Ayurveda in India by Dr. Vishad Tripathi; Miracle plant-its benefits to farmers, consumers, mankind; Challenges for its development; Importance of Academia-Industry-Farmers’ Administration; Stevia Promotion, and more.