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Biggest ever seven member delegation from Ministry of Education China visited LPU for talks on collaborative projects

Release Date:
19 Mar 2013

* Vice Minister, Ministry of Education China, Dr Liu Liminhimself headed the delegation

*Discussions opened to have China Language Center at LPU


A high profiled seven member education delegation from Ministry of Education China visited LPU for having mutual talks on collaborative projects. Headed by Dr Liu Limin, Vice Minister, Ministryof Education, the delegation included 5 other top members of the ministry-He Xiuchao, General Director, Office of National Education Inspectorate; GeZhenjiang, Deputy Director General, Department of Teacher Education; Yang Jun,Deputy Director General, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges;  Zhang Quan, Deputy Division Director, General Office;Yang Cancan, Programme Officer, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges. The seventh member was First Secretary Huang Zhigang from Department of Education, Chinese Embassy at India. This endeavour is a big milestone forboth India and China as both are developing countries growing at fast pace. LPU senior functionaries welcomed the visitors and held discussions to have China Language Center at LPU. The discussions held are being anticipated to bring forth fruitful results. 

Recipientof many national & international awards and honours, Dr Liu Limin hasseveral illustrious achievements and is also holder of coveted social positionsin the annals of education. An expert in Russian language, Dr Liu has also madegreat contribution for promotion of national friendship, cooperation andcommunication between people. Before reaching at LPU, he also visited Ministryof Human Resources & Development of India, in New Delhi and discusseddifferent projects.

Talking at LPU, Mr Liu liminsaid: “We are happy to be at thebiggest university of India. As LPU has already been working with manyUniversities of China on mutual co-operation projects, we are anticipatingfruitful results start coming under immediate effects.” He also visited LPUcampus and met with faculty and Heads of different departments where he talkedabout both the countries to work together for research, as problems for bothare the same. Extending his sincere wishes on behalf of the Chinesegovernment, he shared that as one of the four ancient civilizations, Chinahas been attaching great importance to language research and practice.

Welcomingthe high-status Chinese delegates, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said:“We are delighted to receive the biggest delegation from Ministry of educationof China. As both the countries are fast growing economies of the world, wehope to work together in collaboration towards lot of development and researchfields. This visit is in a way coming together of two Asian giants. Thething that is uniting them is their common challenges. If these bothrecognized growing economic power houses come together, wonders would becreated globally for rapid rise in economic power for both countries.”